Broken Belts, Broken Bones

by decker.

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released October 7, 2011



all rights reserved


decker. Sedona, Arizona

Desert Psych


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Track Name: Notes from a Night with No Sleep
notes from a night with no sleep
when i said that I never wanted to be somebody
I never said no words so untrue
I always wanted to be just like you
whatever that meant

I said, let's just forget about it.
forget about it.

forget about lost causes.
forget about dark closets,
in which we slept,

I guess that I'm better off then
I'm better off than dead, just like you said.
as we could, when we can, we did what we did that we could with what we had

but oh, the sunshine gleamed so bright today.
i tied on my shoes tight today
to keep my feet just walking straight
so i won't stand in place

i held up my head high today
i like my loads kept light today
i hold onto you right - this way you'll never be afraid
Track Name: Like a Dog
like a dog
that said, said i'm scared like a dog
and i fly like a hawk, just to get out of here
once more, shall we swim to the shore?
do you really give a shit?
or do we just move on with it?

when i say i'm a killer of man, i think you know what i mean
pour some water all over our heads, maybe wash ourselves clean

check two. now, here is a clue:
mean what you say and you do what you do.
but that's me, full of hypocrisy.
i've been in a battle with me since i was only 16.

when i say......

if all i ever do is spin when the bells begin to ring
i can't accept this offering of the gifts you dare to bring

remember why you do it.
remember why you do it if you're going to be true.
but that's me, and i'm lost in a dream.

that said............
Track Name: Needles & Trees
needles & trees
heads shall raise
you've got your tail between your legs
you want to whistle on some fallen grass blades
but you've got that look upon your face

that screams out, hazy days.
you want the flowers and the trees.
you want them all to grow so beautifully
but you dont want the rain to touch your feet.

can't you hear them calling out?
their voices sound so sweet
but all you do is drown in doubt,
"you can't save a wretch like me."

broken down in every car and every town
we ran until the wheels fell off this time
we ran until there's no place left to hide

but you know that hearts shall mend
like broken bones
lets not pretend we've never caused the crimes made judas cry
we never fought the moons that made the tides

can't you hear....

sun shall rise
the time before it sets we call our lives
remember me well, my only friend
when promises we kept still meant something

can't you hear...
ninety knives can't make the devils bleed
ninety notes cant make the angels sing
can't save a wretch like me
Track Name: Wichita
i spent seventeen nights in the shock of the winter
and shots in the dark and the ousnds of your whisper
i guess i love you so much because you showed me your heart

but i steal away like some thief in the night, with a bag of cocaine
don't you tell me what's right
cuz i know it already.
i've got a heart of my own

and you're never alone, so please don't you cry
put your bullets away and i'll put away mine
because we all know some words can be kind
and some can be daggers

let it rain, let it rain
well the sun blinded our eyes and was gone just as quick as it came
i'm still sleeping outside under treacherous skies
let it rain

well i've spent sleepless nights with the eyes of a madman
and walked the straigh line with the tie of a taxman
and when you get on your knees and you pray
sometimes you just have to wait

and you'll wait like a widow waits to wake from a dream
and you'll speak in a whisper and scream,
"i'm still free."
but you're not free.
you're just a child. you're still scared of the dark.

and the death of my heart was the spark of this life
i can't crawl from this ditch but i think i'll still try.
that's the story of my whole life.
just crawling from ditches

let it rain.......

well we take from this cup and its never enough
and the poison we drink only thins out our blood.
its a lie we've been fed; that we're better of dead
it's the life. it's the life. it's the life.
Track Name: Telephone Wire
telephone wire

one last thing that i remember as the blood was running down my sleeve
and i lied to me
and told me everything was warm and free

but in that summer i surrendered so much of my youth and dignity
now look at me
5 years gone by and im still saying

save me.
save me .
save me.

because i'm in some murky waters and it's getting hard to breath

another story unfolds just like every story before
and by now i've come to know
that everything just needs to space to breath

but oh my little bird,
despite what what you've heard,
a love complete is a love that's free

but save me
save me.

because i'm in some murky waters and its getting hard to see.
if you want to point your finger why do you wanna point em at me?
yes, i'm in some murky water and its getting hard to breath

save me.
Track Name: Porch Choir
for heaven's sake, go on and sing your song
until your heart is no longer lonesome
and your back becomes strong

but for heaven's sake, don't you wait so long,
til your hearts all bruised and bitter and
your days are all gone

for heaven's sake, won't you sing your song
until your hearts no longer lonesome,
and the dark becomes dawn

so for seven days,
and i gave my blood
until the lord looked down and and told me,
"you done good my son"