Long as the Night

by decker.

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The second album from Sedona, AZ songwriter, Brandon Decker, released in October 2010. For more info check out:


released October 15, 2010



all rights reserved


decker. Sedona, Arizona

Desert Psych


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Track Name: The Serpent Speaks
And as I lay me down to think
I pray I’m not forsaken
When I hear the serpent speak
He whispers oh so softly
“tell you boy you’re gonna fail.
Tell you boy you’ve made your bed,
And we are all forgotten.”

Just give me time to think.
Give me room to breathe.
Give me back me.

My my my - hey hey
We spoil the rod and spare the man today
If for my sins I must pay,
Fuck the key,
Throw away the cage and me

Just give me time to think
Give me anything
Give me back me

You wanna break me but I’m already broke
You wanna make me but I’m not quite sure
Just what I’m made of
If you wanna do anything-
Help me wake up
From the blindness of my sleep

Won’t you wake me from my sleep?
Let trumpets blow and widows weep.
Or dig me down in dirt so deep
I’ll never see the light

Just give me time to think…..
Track Name: A Warm Place
Oh my mother now don’t you cry
You always told me “cant hold on too tight”
Oh my mother wont you sing
And own this moment like you taught me to breathe

It’s a cold world

Oh my friend please forgive me
For the venom my mouth leaks
Remember me so silently
All the nights we need not speak

It’s a cold world

There are nights I’ve not forgotten
And if this beast still sleeps in me
Drive that stake into my coffin
I’m the one who’s killing me
Track Name: Sun, shine in
For 7 years I crossed the desert, bleedin like some wounded dog
And if tonight I make it to the ocean, gonna cry upon the shore.
For 12 years I walked in darkness, flounderin around the fickle fog
And if tonight I make it to your garden, sink my head inside the soil

Cuz I’ve been thinking bout heaven - wonderin if there’s a place for me
And if you see my sweet love tell her, set my soul free

Two autumns ago I met her, and she gave me her song
Threw my heart into the fire so that I could burn alone
Every night I laid with the temptress and I loved her dusk to dawn
But when I asked her for her love she said, “its already gone.”

Cuz I’ve been dancing with the devil and he’s got his eye on me
And if you see my sweet love tell her, set my soul free

Let the sunshine

I walked thru the weepin willows waving on their weary wands
I drank with the serpent til I forgot about my love

Cuz I’ve been prayin to the angels, wont you watch over me
And if you see my sweet love, tell her set my soul free

Let the sunshine
Track Name: We Used to Sing
And it rained, and it rained all night
Only a faithless folk asks for a sign
Said a prayer to god - wont you lift us up?

Save us from that flood.
Wont you save me from the flood?

Could of sworn I seen a dove, in his beak an olive branch and a hand of love
Just when you think you’ve had enough, remember how we used to sing

Cuz I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried.

For 40 days and 40 nights
I walked the wilderness alone searching for a sign
Then I heard the serpent sigh, he said
“tell me boy, cant you live on bread alone?”
No. you can’t live on bread alone

Then I heard the widow moan, burying her baby’s dad in a purple cloak.
I said woman, dry your tears, the bird at your breast never disappeared.
He’s singing….

Oh, the night has become as long as the days when we were young
And I’ve tried, how I’ve tried.
Track Name: A Waltz
Hey hey hey, hope that you know that I know that I know that I made a mistake
Hey hey hey what can you do when the end and the truth stare us dead in the face
Like some sort of proof that we’ve aged and weve changed and things aint the same
Things aint the same

But I only wanted to be as big as the ocean, as long as the night.
I only wanted to climb every mountain
If I could just learn to be on my side

With all the excuses we’ve used and the lies we’ve abused,
I see through this rouse anyway
Now I just dig on the dirt and just walk on the earth and deal with the choices I’ve made
Clever is for clowns and words are just sounds that we make when we cant stand the sounds of our brains
The things we say when we’re afraid and when we’re ashamed

But I only wanted…….
Track Name: Chelsea Road
Tell me boy, where is the fruit?
Tell me boy, what are you gonna do?
Cuz I always get lost in the dark.
And I always forget how to talk.

Tell me boy, where is the flame?
Tell me boy just what you ever gave?
Cuz I always get tossed by the waves
And I never learned how to behave.

I guess you get what you get, I hope that that’s what you wanted
And do the stars aign or things just work out that way?
If you forget where you live you know that old place is haunted
There’s got to be a better place to stay.

But I always sleep out in the rain
And I never learned not to complain
And I always get lost in the dark
And I always forget how to talk
Track Name: Bleedin' Blisters
And I hope thing will get easier someday
And I hope to see your face around my way
And I hope when that old sun I beating down
Will we ever see the rain again?
I hope.

I woke up this morning with a thorn stuck in my side
And all my bleeding blisters had vandalized my pride
Then I heard the angels whisper all their prayers and offerings and I crawled up off my knees
And began to sing

I hope……

I was left in a basket by the servant of a king
And I was taught to sing the praises of death and poverty
Well now, wait a minute mr. - all those riches you can’t bring.
Remember, not everything is as it seems.